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What is our maximum guest count?2021-10-04T20:55:03-05:00

We allow a comfortable 200 guests at our facility.  With the beautiful covered patio and inside space it never seems crowded and everyone has plenty of room.

Does The Barn have heat and air conditioning?2021-10-04T20:55:52-05:00

Yes! Inside the barn you’ll find a complete commercial system to keep the hot months cool, and the cool months warm!  And of course the bridal suite and man cave have the same.

Is there more than one place to get married?2021-10-04T21:45:40-05:00

We have many places to tie the knot. You can get married out in the forest at our pine altar, near the barn in at the corral altar, Lakeside,  a garden wedding, or enjoy our covered patio for your wedding ceremony. All of them are included in your special day and you can pick whichever one you want.

What is the average price?2021-10-04T20:56:50-05:00

We have micro weddings for as low as $1000, and more expensive All-Inclusive weddings that go much higher. It’s very difficult to publish a price, because there are so many variables. Some brides might want to serve pizza to everybody, and other brides want to serve filet mignon with lobster and use white gloved waiters. The best way to come up with a custom price is to come to enjoy one of our free wine and beer tours so we can have a chance to talk. It’s even a fun day for the groom!

Are there deals for weddings?2021-10-04T20:57:11-05:00

Absolutely! We have a last-minute wedding special pricing, elopement specials, micro-wedding pricing and so on. We promise, if you come to our property, we will find a product that will fit your needs and will definitely fit your budget.

Can we bring our own alcohol?2021-10-04T20:57:32-05:00

We are one of the few venues that allows you to bring your own alcohol. We can also contract a full-service bar that covers everything if you don’t want to do all that work!

Can we bring our dog for the ceremony?2021-10-04T20:57:53-05:00

Yes! You can bring a dog but it must be on leash the entire time, and removed right after the ceremony. We have also allowed a pig, a goat and a cat on a case by case basis!

How long do we get the venue?2021-10-04T20:58:15-05:00

Fridays and Saturdays , you get the venue for 13 full hours! Sunday through Thursday, it’s 10 hours. Plenty of time to get ready, get shined up, and prepare for the best night ever!

Is there a bridal suite?2021-10-04T20:58:39-05:00

Not only is there a large and  stunning bridal suite complete with two showers, individual make up mirror stations, but we also have a man cave to complete the fun day for your groom as well! You can enjoy frisbee golf, poker, pool table, fishing and much more during your awesome day!

Can I bring my own vendors?2021-10-04T20:59:04-05:00

Yes you can! We only have two vendors that are required, and we can explain that when we see you in person.

Are there plenty of clean restrooms?2021-10-04T20:59:33-05:00

Absolutely! We have restrooms throughout the property both inside, outside on the patio and in the bridal suite and Man Cave. We pride ourselves in making sure there’s never a line to get into a restroom! Plus we have a beautiful handicap facility as well.

How is the parking situation2021-10-04T20:59:56-05:00

We have a huge and beautiful lighted parking area! Additionally, the wedding party can park right up next to the facility because they arrive earlier in the day. There’s never been a shortage of parking and we have enough for literally double the size of any wedding!

Are there minimum sizes to weddings?2021-10-04T21:00:21-05:00

There are not minimums! You can have a wedding with two people if you like. We also have some elopement and short term packages as well.

I love what I see so far, now what?2021-10-04T21:37:29-05:00

The next step is very easy. We would like you to come and see the property in person. Book a free wine or beer tour by clicking here.

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