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Are you in search of all-inclusive wedding venues in Houston? Look no further than The Barn at Four Pines, where rustic charm meets budget-friendly elegance in nearby Crosby TX.

Address: 21101 FM 2100, CROSBY, TX 77532

Unveiling Houston’s Hidden Gem: The Barn at Four Pines

Situated in Crosby, Texas, The Barn at Four Pines Ranch stands out as one of the most captivating rustic wedding venues in the state. Immerse yourself in a unique wedding experience, surrounded by the serene ambiance of towering pines, peaceful woods, and a scenic lake bathed in warm sunset hues. Whether you’re envisioning your vows in a charming barn, at a pine altar in the woods, or beneath a covered patio with a view of our lake, we’re ready to bring your wedding dreams to life.

Plan Your Texas Wedding

We’ve created this helpful map so you can plan your wedding day (or weekend!) at your dream wedding venue near Houston. Explore local accommodations and landmarks, go sightseeing, and try a new winery or restaurant!

What’s Included in The Barn at Four Pines’ Wedding Packages?

At The Barn at Four Pines, our all-encompassing wedding package, which includes wedding photography and videography, is the epitome of convenience, making your matrimony celebration as delightful and stress-free as possible. Here are our packages:

Exclusive Venue-Only Rental Package

  • Explore the entire property with various features
  • Select from four picturesque outdoor ceremony locations or utilize the covered patio for a rain-proof ceremony
  • Access to a beautiful bridal suite for pre-wedding preparations
  • Provided tables and seating for up to 160 guests
  • Enjoy a unique man cave with amenities like pool and poker tables, a 70-inch TV, and on-site activities such as fishing and pool

All-Inclusive Wedding Package

Tailored for couples who seek a pampered and cherished experience, and prefer not to handle all the planning themselves!

  • Professionally adorned interior barn venue
  • Wedding decorator, encompassing in-house decorations, centerpieces. tables, and seating.
  • Ceremony setup
  • Choice of four outdoor ceremony sites or the option to utilize our covered patio area for a rain-proof ceremony.
  • Professional photography included*
  • Complimentary wedding planning services
  • Buffet-style Italian or BBQ meal (upgrades available).
  • Complete open bar for your reception, featuring beer, wine, and mixed drinks!
  • Professional DJ to curate your custom music experience
  • Accomplished wedding officiant to solemnize the bond of matrimony
  • Beautiful bridal suite for pre-wedding preparations
  • Man cave equipped with pool/poker tables, a 70-inch TV, and a fishing lake!

Micro-Weddings Package

A micro-wedding, often the dream wedding for those who prefer a more intimate affair, can be booked either last minute or on weekdays, aiming to save money as well.

  • For groups of 25 people or fewer, available Monday through Thursday or for short-term bookings:
  • Lovely covered pavilion ceremony
  • 3-hour reception hall access of your choice
  • Professionally decorated setting
  • Wedding officiant included
  • Professional photos provided via flash drive

Elopement Package

This package is designed for 10 guests or fewer, ensuring a super convenient and efficient weekday wedding with all the romance.

  • Venue and Reception for 2 hours
  • The Wedding Officiant included
  • Simple Ceremony
  • Suitable for up to 10-20 guests in total

Tailored Services for a Personal Touch

The Barn at Four Pines elevates the typical wedding package experience by integrating personalized services that add that special touch to your day. We understand that while convenience is key, your wedding should also reflect your personal journey. Here’s how we tailor services to fit your unique preferences:

  • Dedicated Coordination: Receive hands-on assistance from an expert wedding coordinator who not only understands your vision but also works meticulously to see it realized, down to every last detail.
  • Customized Menus: Collaborate with our gourmet chefs to design a menu that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also caters to any dietary preferences or restrictions.
  • Decor and Floral Arrangements: Our team lends their creative flair to concoct spectacular decor and floral arrangements that echo your wedding theme and color palette.
  • Entertainment Flexibility: While we offer high-quality entertainment options, we also welcome outside performers and DJs, ensuring the vibes of your celebration resonate with your personal taste.
  • Unique Add-Ons: Whether it is a sparkler send-off or a cozy fireside lounge, The Barn at Four Pines is committed to integrating those unique extras that will make your wedding truly unforgettable.

Venue Spaces

The Barn: A charming event venue hall exuding a rustic and country vibe, adorned with elegant chandeliers, providing a perfect setting for various gatherings.

The Covered Patio: Ideal for ceremonies and reception space, offering shelter and a rustic ambiance for couples seeking an outdoor celebration with the convenience of a covered setting.

The Outdoor Corral: Another picturesque outdoor option for ceremonies and reception venues, surrounded by the natural beauty of the ranch, creating a serene and enchanting atmosphere.

The Pine Altar: A designated ceremony set up with a rustic touch, set amidst the beauty of towering pines, creating a natural and tranquil setting for exchanging vows.

The Garden: A beautiful and well-maintained garden area, perfect for various events and adding a touch of natural elegance to your celebration. Strung with charming bistro lights, it creates a magical atmosphere once the sun sets.

The Lake: Spanning 9 acres, the lake provides a stunning backdrop for ceremonies, enhancing the overall ambiance and providing a picturesque setting.

bridal suite mirror ranch weddings

bridal suite mirror ranch weddings

Bridal Suite: A unique and private bridal suite with full-length wall mirrors so you and your party can get ready in style before the ceremony.

Man Cave: An awesome retreat and game room tailored for the groom and his party. The men can relax, engage in a game of pool, and enjoy the ranch amenities while anticipating the bride and bridesmaids getting ready.

Picture-Perfect Moments

The Barn at Four Pines offers a wealth of picturesque settings in the Texas Hill Country that create the perfect backdrop for capturing your wedding day’s most cherished moments. With the venue’s unique blend of natural beauty and carefully curated landscapes, you’ll find a multitude of picture-perfect scenes:

  • Lakeside Views: Imagine the romance of reflecting sunsets over the private lake, offering serene and stunning photo opportunities.
  • Rustic Backdrops: The weathered wood and rustic charm of The Barn provide a beautiful contrast to elegant wedding attire in photographs.
  • Nature’s Beauty: Immortalize your love amidst the vibrant greens and florals of Fort Bend’s lush countryside, making every snapshot a vibrant memory.
  • Enchanting Nightscapes: As the evening descends, The Barn’s ambient lighting creates a magical glow, ideal for capturing the festive spirit of your night.

Beyond the I Dos—Entertainment and Catering

The Barn’s Catering Experience

At The Barn at Four Pines, the culinary experience is an integral part of the celebration. We take pride in offering a mouthwatering array of dishes that cater to diverse palates. Here’s what you can expect from our catering experience:

Best for… Food enthusiasts who relish high-quality cuisine and a memorable dining experience at their wedding, including an elegantly curated cocktail hour.

  • Menu Diversity: Relish an eclectic mix of American, Italian, and Southern cuisine, customizable to accommodate your theme, tastes, and dietary restrictions.
  • Professional Chefs: The Barn employs skilled chefs who expertly craft each dish to gastronomic perfection, ensuring a delectable dining experience for all.
  • Buffet or Plated Style: Depending on your preference, we provide the option of a traditional plated service or a more relaxed buffet style that encourages guests to mingle.
  • Unlimited Beverages: An open bar stocked with beer, wine, sodas, and juices ensures that your guests’ glasses are never empty, and the celebration flows seamlessly.
  • Signature Wedding Cake: Top off your meal with a stunning, custom-made wedding cake, a sweet centerpiece that caps the culinary experience at your reception.

Entertainment Options at The Barn

The energy and excitement of your wedding day are amplified by the beat of the music and the entertainment provided, and at The Barn at Four Pines, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into what makes our entertainment options standout:

Best for… Couples who want a lively and unforgettable entertainment experience to complement their wedding festivities, from the rehearsal to the big day.

  1. Professional DJ Services: The Barn offers access to skilled DJs who can curate the perfect soundtrack for your day, from ceremony serenades to reception dance-offs.
  2. Live Music: Should you wish for the charm of live performances, we welcome bands or solo artists to fill the air with melodies that resonate with your personal music tastes.
  3. State-of-the-Art Sound System: High-quality acoustics are key, and The Barn’s cutting-edge sound system ensures every note and speech is delivered with clarity.
  4. Dynamic Lighting: Mood-setting lighting transitions the ambiance from a romantic ceremony to an electric dance floor as the evening progresses.
  5. Custom Playlists: Collaborate to create custom playlists, ensuring that every song holds significance and enhances your celebration’s moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider all inclusive wedding venues in Houston?

There are many benefits to choosing an all-inclusive wedding venue, especially in a bustling city like Houston. With so much to do and see, couples can save time and energy with the convenience of an all-inclusive package. Here are a few reasons why an all-inclusive wedding venue is the perfect choice for your big day:

  • Stress-Free Planning: Couples can enjoy a hassle-free planning experience with everything included in one package. From catering to decor, all the details are taken care of, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – celebrating your love with friends and family.
  • Cost Savings: All-inclusive packages often come with discounts and deals that can save you money in the long run. Plus, with everything included, there are no hidden costs or surprises.
  • Customization: While all-inclusive packages offer convenience, they also allow for personalization. Couples can work with their venue to create a wedding that reflects their unique style and vision.
  • Professional Expertise: All-inclusive venues come equipped with a team of professionals who know the ins and outs of wedding planning. They can offer valuable advice and ensure that your special day runs smoothly.

Can The Barn at Four Pines accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, The Barn at Four Pines takes great pride in accommodating special dietary needs with a range of catering options. Our chefs are experienced in creating a variety of menus, including options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-sensitive meals, ensuring all guests can indulge in the delicious wedding fare. Just communicate your requirements, and they’ll handle the rest with care and expertise.

Are there any hidden costs with an all-inclusive package at The Barn?

With The Barn at Four Pines’ all-inclusive packages, transparency is key. We ensure that all costs are clearly detailed in our pricing brochure. It’s recommended to review the package inclusions and ask about any potential additional costs, such as service fees or gratuity, to avoid surprises. We strive to provide a comprehensive cost outline right from the start.

How far in advance should I book The Barn at Four Pines?

To secure The Barn at Four Pines for your desired date, it’s best to book as far in advance as possible. Their popular dates tend to fill up quickly, so reaching out at least 12-18 months beforehand is advisable. Early booking ensures you have the best chance to reserve the exact date you want and gives ample time for planning your perfect day.

Is a wedding planner included in your all-inclusive package?

Yes, The Barn at Four Pines’ all-inclusive package includes the services of a wedding planner. Our planner will assist you throughout the planning process, coordinating with vendors and ensuring that all the details come together seamlessly for your big day. Their expertise will be invaluable in creating a stress-free and well-organized wedding celebration.

How can a wedding planner be of help?

A wedding planner can be an invaluable asset in ensuring a seamless and stress-free wedding experience. Here are some ways a wedding planner can be of assistance:

1. Vendor Coordination: A wedding planner has established connections with various wedding vendor services and can help you find reputable and reliable professionals within your budget. They coordinate with vendors, handle contracts, and ensure everything aligns with your vision.

2. Timeline Planning: A wedding planner develops a comprehensive timeline for the entire wedding process, including pre-wedding preparations, the ceremony, and the reception. This ensures that every aspect is well-organized and runs smoothly.

3. Design and Decor: From theme development to decor selection, a wedding planner helps bring your vision to life. They offer creative ideas, assist in choosing color schemes, and ensure that the design elements harmonize seamlessly.

4. Problem Solving: Wedding planners are skilled problem solvers. In the event of unexpected challenges or hiccups, they can quickly and effectively find solutions, allowing you to enjoy your special day without stress.

5. Day-of Coordination: On the wedding day, a planner oversees all logistical details, including coordinating services, from coordinating vendor arrivals to managing the timeline. This enables you and your loved ones to focus on the celebration while the planner handles the operational aspects.

6. Stress Reduction: By taking on the responsibilities of planning and coordination, a wedding planner alleviates stress for the couple. This allows them to fully savor and enjoy the wedding experience without being bogged down by logistical details.

7. Expert Advice: With their experience in the wedding industry, planners offer valuable advice on trends, traditions, and logistics and a comprehensive vendor list. Their expertise helps you make informed decisions that contribute to a memorable and enjoyable wedding celebration.

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Are there other places to have a wedding in Houston?

Places such as Madera Estates and The Pecan Orchard are among the other wedding venues available.

What is the weather like in Texas?


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Whether you’re planning a wedding, reunions, birthday celebration, or corporate event, we are committed to making your experience at The Barn at Four Pines Ranch unforgettable. Contact us today, and let’s begin the journey to creating lasting memories in the heart of Texas’s countryside.

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